Raising A Vegan Baby


Actual question I was asked, “Are you going to raise BB to be vegan?”


(INSERT SARCASM FONT). No we’re going to feed him raw meat.

Of course we would raise our kids to have the same values as we do. Isn’t that what all parents do?

I also get the hypothetical “what happens if he’s at McDonald’s for a friend’s birthday party?” or “what if he eats pizza at a friend’s house?”

Life is filled with what ifs, people.

At some point in every parent’s life, way sooner than we want, our kids have to start making decisions in their own life.

My response to those what ifs is always the same…well then I hope we’ve installed good values in him so he will make good decisions. Again, isn’t that the same as every parent feels when their kid leaves the house to be with friends, or drive, or move out? You always hope you’ve instilled good morals in your child.

Our plans for BB are the same that all parents have. I want him to be healthy and happy and well-rounded.

Yes, that includes food. Yes it’s going to be more difficult for him; we’ve been through it too. However, if things progress the way it seems like it’s going then maybe it wont be as difficult as we think. Veganism has grown in the last 10 years and it’s my belief that it’s only going to grow more.

Yes, of course I don’t want things to be difficult for BB. But is that a reason for me to change all my morals? Start feeding my kid meat, cheese, milk, and eggs just because it would be easier for him? Well then why don’t people change their religion? Or their skin color? Or their sexual orientation? Ok, maybe that’s not the same thing, but not harming animals for the sake of my ‘nutrition’ is a very deeply rooted value I hold and hope BB will hold it too.


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