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I have gotten into podcasts in the past few years and they’re amazing! Listening to music is so last year! My love started with This American Life (an actual radio show…yes they still have those) and snowballed from there. I have a friend who knows what I like and is always willing to recommend new ones for me (Baby Sitters Club Club!, Snap Judgement, Beautiful Anonymous). One area that I’ve discovered for myself is vegan podcasts. I’ve listened to a few different ones and some are better than others (without naming names) but in my opinion they’re  just lacking. The premise of one is having people ask questions about veganism (what to eat, what to tell people when they ask questions, etc.) and she answers with her thoughts and experiences and sometimes tackles other issues. Another one is about mainly vegan issues but goes into movie reviews, gender inequality, race, politics, and other things that aren’t necessarily vegan.  It’s not necessarily my cup of tea but I still listen.

In February it was announced that Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter movies) is planning to launch her own vegan podcast. I am pretty excited and I hope it comes out soon!

The podcast market is definitely lacking in vegan podcasts and if anyone is ever interested in staring one, now is the time!

Do you listen to podcasts? Let me know your favorites!


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