Buzz Off!

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Yeah that was a stupid title…moving on…

Angry California Bees Kill Dog After Hive Owner Harvests Honey.  This article is both sad and a little funny. Maybe funny isn’t the right word. Maybe ironic is a better word.

Basically what happened is in the title. The ‘owner’ of the hive tried to harvest the honey and the bees went crazy and stung him multiple times (he was wearing a suit). Then the swarmed the neighbor’s dogs and ended up killing one.

Because of this of course the bees were killed “to make sure that if there was any aggressive nature within that colony they were destroyed and were not able to repopulate somewhere else”.

That sucks and I’m sorry for the bees and the dogs. A little bit I guess for the ‘owner too’ but where was your smoker dude? It sounds like he was being stupid while trying to get the honey.

Here is my favorite part of the article:  “For an unknown reason, unknown to him or to us, when he attempted to harvest the honey the bees became very aggressive,” said Battalion Chief Rich Scola of the Ceres Fire Department.

“For an unknown reason”…..Unknown?! YOU STOLE THEIR F-ING FOOD! You bust in their hive where the queen and baby bees (ok larva) are living and tried to take all their food. Of course they’re going to attack. Their first instinct is protect the queen. The second is protect the colony. Why don’t people think of that?

Remember Winnie the Pooh always trying to get honey and the bees were always attacking him. Just because people think we’ve ‘domesticated’ bees doesn’t mean they actually are. They’re still wild animals. Maybe one is safe to be around, but the whole hive is still dangerous.

I don’t condone honey. Obviously, it’s an animal product and as a vegan I don’t believe in that. though some vegans are ok with honey and I used to be one.  I learned recently that honey is food for the bees and when humans take it they give the bees corn syrup to make up for their missing food. Then, when winter comes along it is usually cheaper to kill off the hive and get a new one the following spring than it is to keep them alive during the winter.

This article seems to paint bees in a negative light. Is it possibly because the writer is pro-GMOs? Is that thinking too much into it? Maybe…


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